Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Top 5 Reasons For the Popularity of Aion

Aion is most talked about MMORP game among the online gaming community, and it's release around the world is one of the most highly anticipated events among the gamers in North America, Europe and Australia. If you are still wondering why, here are the top five reasons for the popularity of Aion.

1. Unique Game Features: Some of the game features offered by Aion are unheard of in MMORP games. It has remarkable depth in its storyline, which gives rise to further characters and nomenclatures in the game. It enables you to control winged players, which can not only fly, but can also engage in mid-air battle. It allows you to customize your character more than ever before, and enables you to choose from one of its variety of character classes.

2. Graphics: Among the aspects of the game, which are thrilling gaming enthusiast the most are its graphics. The graphics in Aion are stunningly realistic, and offer a very fitting setting in coherence with the concept of the game. They are constructed in an Oriental touch, which will offer you some change. In fact, its graphics created an impression over audiences, right when the game was announced first in 2006, that is even before its Asian release.

3. The PvPvE Environment: The gameplay possibilities in the immense P v P v E environment of Aion are one of the most thrilling factor for MMORP gaming fans, as the battlegrounds of Aion have set a new standard for the gaming genre. If you are looking forward to engage in the thrilling battles that Aion will offer, then get ready to enter the Abyss, the massive three-layered setting for players to battle their hearts out.

4. Positive Beta Tests Feedback & Previews: Experts who have had the pleasure of participating in the beta tests have been simply thrilled by the game and have for the most part, given a positive feedback. They have been amazed at the level of refinement of the game in its pre-release state and their minds have simply been blown away by its spectacular graphics. There is no wonder why internet gaming forums and community websites are clogged with positive reviews of the game.

5. Success in Asia & Awards: Aion was probably destined to success right from its first release. It was launched in Asia in late 2008, and immediately gained a massive following. It has earned the reputation of being one of the most popular among the latest game releases, and has already won the "Best Korean Game of the Year" Award for 2008. Only time will tell how many landmarks will be further surpassed by Aion.

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By: Nick K

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