Monday, 14 September 2009

Barbie Girls Virtual World Review

There are two very positive points about Barbie Girls which will interest most parents.

First, while a premium membership known as the Barbie Girls V.I.P. membership does exist, there is plenty for girls to do on this site which does not cost anything. Premium membership is not required for hours and hours of fun.

Second, there is a feature on the virtual world known as the Parents' Place. It is a nice way for parents to stay up to date with the site, and also to actively participate in the world with their youngsters. You can have your own account with the Parents' Place feature.

The graphics and colors of BG are designed with young girls in mind. Pre-teen girls, especially, will find this site to be absolutely enchanting. They are pretty, bold, and bright, just like your little girl.

Another important feature of the virtual world is its focus on safety. The site was clearly designed with the priority of making Barbie Girls a safe online environment for young girls of all ages. In addition to encouraging parental involvement, Barbie Girls stresses that the children who participate learn and follow the site's sensible rules.

Girls who play on this virtual online world for kids are encouraged to ask their friends to join, and also to observe basic safety rules when using the site's chat feature. Everything is explained in a clear manner, so that your little girl will understand the rules and be comfortable following them. It is a virtual online community which any girl will enjoy.

While there are numerous virtual online worlds directed at young girls, Barbie Girls is one of the best.

It provides opportunities for fun, in the safest manner available. There is nothing negative to be found on this site, and much to enrich your little girl's free time. Although premium membership is offered, it not necessary. If you are looking for a virtual world where you can have a good time with your little girl, or simply one where she can spend hours playing safely, Barbie Girls is one of the best sites to consider.

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